Integration with SONOS

Integration with audio systems is one of the most desirable features of an intelligent building. This tutorial is the first of a series of tutorials that will present integration between the DOMIQ and SONOS products.

By reading this manual you will learn elementary functions required to integrate DOMIQ with SONOS. In addition you will find how to:

  • Integrate SONOS with other subsystems of an intelligent installation, such as LCN automation system or SATEL Intrusion Detection System
  • Use events and timers in the Base to integrate with SONOS.
  • Control SONOS devices via DOMIQ user interfaces. However the solution presented in this tutorial is not intended to replace a dedicated application provided by SONOS.


➽ Integration with SONOS TU-0015-EN-130521.pdf 12.02.2021 392 KB


2015.02.10 17:02

are there any updates on this? Can you group or ungroup Players? I would like to have a button grouping three rooms and starting a radio channel.

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