This version requires Base software version or newer.

  1. We have rebuilt the menu view to make it more convenient to use. The new interface will provide faster and easier access to the most frequently used parts of it. You can download icons pack that are visible on screens below: Remote Icons Set You can also use your own set to customize the appearance of the application to your preferences. Note: Icon names have to be prefixed with the domiq_icon prefix and should have the @2x suffix, for example: domiq_icon_home@2x.png. If you plan to use icons with a transparent background (.png), then it is enough that they will be in 72x72px resolution. This size is enough for the icons to look good on all types of screens. If you plan to use .jpeg icons to fill entire size of a grid element, then use 120x120px images.
    inteligentny dom - aplikacja Remote inteligentny dom - aplikacja Remote
  2. You can assign command(s) to each tile of the grid view, that will be executed when you click on icon. Each page on the main level of the menu, which has no nested elements, but has an assigned command(s) for the click action, has a small dot next to the page name. This is the way to distinguish elements of menu structure from icons that just execute commands.
  3. We have added the new Chart control, that allows to display a graph of any variable available in the Base module. The Chart control has several time ranges to expand the possibilities of observing the values you are interested in. New charts mechanism uses integration with Grafana and Prometheus software.
    inteligentny dom - aplikacja Remote inteligentny dom - aplikacja Remote
    inteligentny dom - aplikacja Remote inteligentny dom - aplikacja Remote
  4. We have added view for saving favourite colors for the RGB Light control.
  5. We have completely rebuilt the interface for streaming of video cameras, thanks to which we have gained frame rate comparable to web browser.
  6. We have added view that informs that the Remote is downloading configuration. This solves the problem of system's lack of response to interactions in the interface (sending commands) while the configuration was downloaded in the background.
  7. We have added numeric keypad for the Temperature and Value elements on visualization.
  8. We have improved sliders:
    1. Switching between min/max is now possible by clicking on the current value label.
    2. We have added support for minimum and maximum values defined by the user in the configurator.
    3. Sliders now can handle the step parameter. This allows to set precision of a slider. For example slider can work with 10% increments.
  9. We have added support for the EXP.shutter command in the Updownstop element. The control shows current state of a shutter (running or stopped).
  10. We have added haptic in some controls (for devices with iOS 10 and newer):
    1. for tiles with commands;
    2. for dimmers (joystick and slider);
  11. The Switch control from now can handle custom values for on and off states. It also supports custom parameters to be send together with the command.
  12. We have fixed aligining of texts and values for the Text and Value elements on visualization.
  13. We have fixed handling of the suffix parameter for Temperature and Value controls on visualization.
  14. We have added other minor improvements.


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