Update 1.8.3

Today we published firmware update of the Base to the version

Updated are components rtossystem and web. Short list of changes includes:

  1. Update of core RTOS and TCP/IP networking stack, that fixes slow memory leak in the TCP/IP code
  2. Support for PCHK 2.0 protocol which became mandatory in LCN-Pro 4.82
  3. Significantly improved performance of condition checking in Events and Timers code
  4. Multiple usability improvements for installations where Base is used as LCN-SK replacement
    • Base name is shown as segment name
    • Base serial numer and IP address is visible in description
    • Base restart and last config tab save dates are visible in properties
  5. Improvements in DEA protocol for LCN routing
    • Only segment 3 and 4 traffic is sent over multicast to all Bases
    • Remaining segments are automatically sent only to Base that handles them
    • PCK sends traffic to nonlocal segments directly over DEA protocol
  6. Improved asynchronous TCP and UDP APIs are present in the rtos
  7. The group "LCN" is not displayed is present by default on the "Links" tab
  8. Other small cometic fixes in the Configurator
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