AirDisplay 1.0.2

Today we released the newest version of AirDisplay application.

The update includes:

  1. Added kiosk mode - now application can run in fullscreen mode without any interface elements.
  2. Added autostart option - application can start automatically with operating system or after logging into operating system.
  3. Added support for remote connections using the DOMIQ server.
  4. Added support for the REMOTE.message command. From now, application can receive notifications from Base module. Notifications are supported for both local and remote connections. Notifications will be delivered only to running applications.
  5. Improved mechanism for establishing connections with Base module.
  6. Fixed bugs in numeric keyboards.
  7. Fixed cameras streaming.
  8. Application background in the fullscreen and kiosk mode is now set based on visualization background color.


Download AirDisplay, requires installed Adobe Air



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